Friday, April 09, 2004

Well, I dont know whats screwed, my comp or my net connection. Each time I connect, there seems to be a whole lot of information being transferred, the modem lights blink like crazy. However, I'm unable to open any websites, it just takes too long!

In other news, I didnt get into LIBA :-(. Depressing I know. Made even worse by the fact that my friends wont remember it.

Myself : " Sigh, I dont know what to do after BE now."

Moronic Friend : " Dont worry, you'll get into LIBA .

Myself : " I didnt get in you moron! I told you so yesterday! "

Moronic Friend : " Oh yeah, you did. Why didnt you get in??What went wrong?? "

Myself : " Snarl "

Next day

Moronic Friend: " DD, gimme treat."

Myself : " Why? "

Moronic Friend : " Cos you got into LIBA? "

I'm beginning to wonder if theyre doing it on purpose.

Oh, I also had my first paper, Power Generation Systems and it was kinda easy. The next one is only on the 15th so I've been taking it kinda easy.

I'm also very irritated with my servant maids daughter, though I cant tell you why.

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