Thursday, April 15, 2004

Had my High Voltage Engineering paper today and I have mixed feelings regarding my performance. 4 units went fine, 1 unit I could not do because there wasnt enough freaking time. To make it worse, we were sitting on the 2'nd floor and the wind kept blowing our papers away. My question paper went for a ride around the class every now and then. We closed the windows but it wasnt enough. After a while I got fed up and asked the teacher to shut the door. Something which aint supposed to be done. Poor thing complied but wasnt strong enough to push the door against the wind. A chap had to help her close it. Each time the stupid attender opened the door our papers would go flying. I got so distracted while tying the sheets, I missed one! Later as I was writing the page numbers, I began to wonder why it was so low. Then I looked down and saw another sheet floating aimlessly. That got me more flustered. I finally broke the knot using brute strength and almost tore the paper ( almost ). In the end, I couldnt write the 4th unit. Not that I knew what to write, but I should have written something!

Came back home, had lunch and had a disturbed nap. I had mixed dreams involving cricket and impulse voltage circuits. Somehow they seemed to be connected and I tossed and turned as I fretted over it. Guess its cos I stuffed so much into my head in the last minute, my brain is discharging all the information.

Have to study! only 1 day before the next exam! HALP!!!

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