Wednesday, April 21, 2004

My mom put the pillows out to dry on the terrace last afternoon and forgot to collect them later. She remembered at about 11:30 PM and asked me to go fetch them. So, dutiful son that I am, I went upto to the terrace. It was pitch dark and I couldnt see anything. I sort of used my indiglo watch to find the pillows. To my surprise, they were damp. Anyway, I bundled them up and brought them back down. My mom was surpised too. Then suddenly we realised that someone had urinated on them! EEEEEEWWWWW! Dont know which sicko did it. I strongly suspect the kid who lives on the 3'rd floor. If I catch him at it again, I just might throw him off the terrace.

We washed the pillows with surf and lots and lots of dettol and put them out to dry. I dont know if I can use me pillow again :-(. It will never be quite the same between us.

Woke up early this morning and had an excellent back workout at the gym. Came back and had to go with my cousin Prashant to help him vacate his room. We'd hired an old, fit to be scrapped matador van with a rather volatile driver and 4 helpers. The driver was pretty voluble all the way, insisting we pay him more than the Rs.500 we had initially agreed on. We silently refused.

The road after Velachery was terrible and especially after a rather strenuous back workout, I found it even more uncomfortable. Prashant hastened to tell me the road was actually a lot better that it was before.

We got to the house and I helped them load the stuff onto the van. I went back into the room, squatted down to lift a rather heavy iron box and Rriipp! My shorts tore! Luckily Prashant had plenty of shorts around and I gratefully clambered into one of them. We then went to my grandfathers place to unload the bed and then came back home. Prashant had an old electric fan which didnt work and the driver asked him for it. We agreed. Sometime later he asked for the cycle. If the man had his way, we would have returned home with zilch. Anyway, the fan put him in a good mood and he didnt ask for more money.

Had some nice lunch and now I'm due for a nap. I think I'll go the library later. Cricket season at IIT has started, I'm looking forward to bowling :-)

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