Saturday, February 28, 2004

So I'm finally sitting on my own loo in my own bathroom and I must say it feels great to be home again. The four days spent in Kerala have been well...mentally and physically taxing. I didnt eat or sleep properly and my excretory system just shut down completely. My excretory system and I have a very good agreement. Whenever I go on tour, I dont have to bother about going to the loo. I can eat what I want, drink what I want and I wont even feel the slightest urge to attend natures call. Once I get back home, everything changes dramatically and I seldom leave the loo.

Most of my time in Kerala was spent sitting in a tiny bus for hours without end. It became really uncomfortable as I sat next to Tushar and each time the bus took a sharp turn, he would fall on me.(There were a lot of sharp turns) Tushar is completely unaware of the damage caused as he was asleep most of the time.

The wildlife sanctuary was the most dissapointing as the only wildlife we saw was a chicken. It was hot dry and dusty and I was almost tempted to burn it down and build and engineering college. After hours and hours of travelling on an empty stomach and see nothing but a chicken got us all really mad and we yelled at the tour guide.

The food was mostly unavailable or foul tasting. Kerala is a terrible place for the vegetarian. On the subject of food, we also had a fight with a really rude waiter in a classy hotel. Things would have gotten worse id Mr.Gnanasekaran and the hotel manager hadnt intervened.

I think I had fun only on the last day. We climbed 5000 feet to see the Edakkel caves. It was also an unusual spot for me to recieve my ATMA exam result via SMS on Tushar's phone.

We visited another spot after that and we had no idea what was special about it. We'd been brought there to admire a heart shaped lake which had dried up.

From there we were supposed to go to Meen Mutty falls but that didnt work out as we were too hungry, tired and frustrated to travel another 50 Kilometers. A lot of them wanted to skip lunch and go there but Tushar and I didnt give a damn. We had to eat no matter what. In the end we decided to skip the Meen mutty falls and go to another one only 8 Km away. That too was kinda dried up. We were supposed to leave the falls by 6:30 PM but our bus broke down and we were stuck till 10:30.We got worried as it was a 3 hour trip to Calicut where we were supposed to catch the 1:30 AM train to Chennai. Anyway, while the bus was being repaired the guys got together and had a major truth session. We sat in a ring and each guy got about 20 minutes in the center. He would be asked really personal questions
( Eg: Why does your breath stink? When did you start masturbating? Why dont your parents trust you? etc etc) and he would have to be completely honest. His various positive and negative aspects were also pointed out. Under a moonlit starry night on top of a quiet mountain, it was really really good. I got to know the guys really well and it was rather touching to see the most despised chap in the class openly confess his problems.

The bus finally started and we raced down the mountain to get to the station on time. It was a nauseating journey as the bus wound down the mountain side and with Tushar continuously falling on me, I was ready to throw up any second. Also every one stank and it was hot and sticky.

We made it to the station on time and got into the train. I was asleep by 2 AM and didnt wake up until 9. We reached Chennai by 3:40 PM and I'm just so glad to be home.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Finally got my gift vouchers from :-D, thats been the highlight of the day. Otherwise pretty rotten as I got a stupendously high telephone bill, my mom is boiling mad. Went on and on about how I misuse the internet :P. Got a cricket match with my classmates on thu.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Spent the evening carefully packing all the CAT material into a box.It took me about an hour to organise the stuff , pack it in plastic bags and place it in a box. All kinds of feelings washed over me, nostalgia, regret, relief..quite a mixed bag. I plan to let it lie in the box for a couple months and perhaps take it down again after that. I'm not really happy with the way the CAT turned out. It also seems grossly unfair that I'd spend over 1 year preparing for something that got over in merely 2 hours. I havent unwound yet I guess.

I'm yet to get my gift cheque for winning the blog contest from The editor spent a week cribbing about the work involved in procuring a cheque..and now she's on leave. I just hope I get my hands on it soon.

We might be going on tour to Coorg on the 25'th, hope it works out.

I'm online now, waiting for a certain special somebody to come online too...

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Are you one of those people who can bend down and touch their toes without bending the knees? Well I'm not, and its beginning to worry me. All my friends seem to able to do it, but I cant. Looks like I really lack flexibilty.

I purchased a book called " Yoga for students " and I intend to start practicing from Monday, after the CAT.

Well, the re CAT is tommorow and I havent given it much thought. I think I've written far too many exams to feel nervous :P

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Life's been banal for the last 5 months: University exams, CAT and now CAT, University exams :-(. My project is dragging too and is a constant source of worry....sigh, life seems so insipid now. Must read some new self help book :P

Sunday, February 01, 2004

My sis has come down from Bangalore to attend a wedding and the first thing she said when she laid eyes on me was " YOU'VE PUT ON WEIGHT!!!!".
I took it as a compliment but apparently it wasnt meant to be one, which I dont understand. I've been teased all my life for having a physique similar to alfalfa grass

and now that I'm finally not so skinny...I'm accused of being stocky!