Sunday, April 18, 2004

A pretty irritating day. Woke up with a headache, tried studying Power System Stability and ended up with a bigger headache. Asked my friend GP to come home and teach me the subject. Asked him to come at 10:00 AM, he turned up at 6:00 PM. Shobha my perennial source of notes, xeroxes and answers took the phone of the hook because she was getting too many calls and couldnt study. Sigh, it made me feel so helpless. I'd gone to her place in the morning to get another ton of xeroxes. She asked me to get a copy for her too and I kinda forgot. She ticked me off proper and cursed herself for trusting me with the job. Felt pretty bad after that. I guess I am a real scatterbrain. If I cant manage taking xeroxes, how can I manage companies? Will an MBA change me?

Also spent the morning discussing future prospects with my dad. Like all such previous conversations, he ended up telling me there was nothing better do than engineering. My dad has a pretty limited view when it comes to careers. Your either an engineer or you are a complete idiot for not pursuing engineering. Thats one reason these conversations go nowhere. I hate attending them because I already know what he's going to say. He's been telling me the same thing for 4 years now. After that my dad will accuse me of avoiding him and not facing reality. Reality sucks. For my dad, engineering is salvation. For me, engineering is well..something I had to go through because everyone else was doing it. My dad is so stubborn, he refuses to believe that people can make their money by other means too. I really dislike the way the dismisses other career options. I hate conversations where the ending has already been fixed.

Well, its late now and I'm drowsy. Have to get up early tommorow.

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