Tuesday, April 20, 2004

PSS was...well easy, but I still feel I've screwed up. Something about the paper..I cant quite put my finger on it. I think its because I wrote so much, I often wondered if I was writing an answer relevant to the question. Another thing is that there were hardly any diagrams to draw. Any madras university student worth his salt knows that what really counts is not what you write, but what you illustrate. The answer paper basically has to look like a comic strip. Lots of coloured pictures and very little dialogue. So if the question states: " Draw Clarke's diagram for two machine systems with and without losses and explain in detail " and you write " My grandmother's neighbour in Coimbatore had a mutt named Clarke, and one day it got sick and threw up on the door step", YOU WILL NOT GET MARKS. Instead you need to DRAW the dog and the puke, use neat arrow marks and label the dog "CLARKE" and label the puke as " CLARKE'S LOSS ", you can be sure of scoring top marks.

Trust me, this method works, because the honourable Fenil Y Shah comes up with the most imaginative of answers and still gets fantastic marks. Here is a sample of how Fenil thinks:

Gnanaprakasam: You know, the transmission and distribution power loss in India is 40% !!. So hypothetically, if we had 100 power stations, 40 of them would be just for losses!

Fenil ( extremely puzzled ): " So why dont we just shut down those 40 plants?? "

Sigh, I know, I know.

Anyway, I have 10 days before my final exam, so I can take it easy for a while.

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