Saturday, April 17, 2004

UEE wasnt so bad, I think I've done quite well. There was a lot of hue and cry over the 4'th unit, somehow I found it quite easy. I came back home, had lunch and then dozed off.

There is some polishing work going on in the next building and the noise generated is driving me mad! Its loud and relentless and fanstastically annoying. I cant catch a decent nap and it drives me to distraction when I try to study.

My table is littered with xeroxes, actually the entire house is littered with them. Until the exam I usually dont have a single scrap of paper to call notes so I take a helluva lot of xeroxes. Its such a pity, until the exam that xerox is more important than my birth certificate and then after the exam, it becomes completely worthless. The life of a xerox is so ephemeral, it makes me sad:-(

So next I have Power System Stability on tuesday, the mother of all tough papers. I have to go find out what its about. So I shall leave now and search for the xerox.

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