Friday, November 25, 2005

I'm back...

Well, sort of anyway.

I'm on vacation at the moment. I'd taken a weeks leave to prepare for the upcoming exams. Big mistake.

I've realised I've lost the ability to sit and study for long hours. Everyday I find myself casually wondering whats going on at the office. I long to get back. I miss my cubicle.

The CAT zipped by. It stopped just long enough to bite a big chunk out of my ego.

Interestingly enough, its the verbal section thats left me a little puzzled. I did sort of decently in quants and DI but I found the verbal section impossible to evaluate. When I looked at the answer key at the IMS and TIME website I found that they didnt agree on practically anything. SO frankly I dont know how well I've done. I suppose I do feel like I've done a decent job overall. Much better than last time anyway.

Slew of exams coming up,this IBCD shall retreat behind his books now.