Friday, April 30, 2004

The end of an era....

I'm an Engineer now. Cant believe it can you? I cant quite believe it myself. 4 years of college have just flown past.

I cant say I progressed intellectually in these 4 years ;-) but I did make an enormous number of really really good friends. I'm gonna miss them real bad.Somehow when I was in school., I didnt really make too many friends but college has been a different story altogether.

Yesterday after the last exam got over, we guys went to the beach. We ate bajjis and yakked our hearts out. There were about 22 of us there. The guys wanted to play kabaddi. Never having played the game, I opted to sit down and watch for a while. All the guys took of their shirts, their belts, their watches, their cellphones, their wallets and gave it all to..guess who?? ME! For the next 30 minutes, I was richer than I'd ever been in my whole life. I had a lap full of shirts, 2 arms covered with wrist watches, my bag was bursting with cellphones and wallets and I had 2 gold chains around my neck. I could have simply walked away with the loot...sigh.

Anyway, after the kabaddi match, all the guys got into a huddle, just like the Indian cricket team. I expected someone to say something poetic but everyone was silent. Then we started revolving as a group, shouting on top of our voices and doing a mini dance kicking sand up in the air. It was GOOD.

So today I plan to go out with a couple of friends. I only hope I wont ever fall out of touch with them.

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