Thursday, April 22, 2004

I just finished reading " Bleachers " by John Grisham and I kinda liked the book. My eyes moistened when I read the last few pages. Its about a football coach who is dying and all the chaps who he coached return to town to attend his funeral. They get together and share memories and relive moments. I didnt understand much of the american football jargon but I did end up asking myself some very important questions. The chaps in the book discuss how hard the coach made them work and then I began asking myself " When was the last time you really worked hard for something?"... I didnt really have an answer. My board exams, the TNPCEE exam, my college university exams, the CAT, the XAT...did I really go out and out and slog my ass off? Do I push myself really hard at the gym? Do I give anything my full 100% and the answer And its about time I did something about that.

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