Sunday, April 30, 2006

Its been a year since I received that fateful email.I cant believe time flies by so fast...

Its been a year that has been both rewarding and punishing.I've had a great time at work.Life at the office has been challenging in a fun, positive kind of way.I've been lucky to have some truly amazing people as my colleagues.

My career goals are also on track.I knew I wanted to get into one of the top B schools in the country and I did manage that.Yes,there have been times that I rued the fact that I didnt get an IIM call..but its ok.I'm sure IMT is going to be a great experience.

On the downside, its been a year where I've struggled with deep loneliness, anger and extreme confusion. I've asked myself what went wrong and relived and analyzed every mistake a thousand times.Its not easy to just let go of the past.Im not someone who can switch off my feelings and carry on when I know that what I had was beautiful.

But I'm putting my demons to rest today.I know I did my best.Sometimes things just dont work out.People change, but for better or for worse depends entirely on ones perspective.I gave it my best shot and thats enough.

I know I'm moving on to something better.

Friday, April 28, 2006

The weekend finds me in Calcutta, I'm travelling to Orissa tomorrow to attend a wedding.Whose wedding you might I might as well tell you.If what I heard was right, its my mothers-brothers-wives-uncles-grandaughter who is going to tie the knot.As you can see, we are all very close :P.

I dont feel very wordy at the moment.More updates soon.

Friday, April 21, 2006

LR and Kroopa,I deleted the post because I thought it was very badly written.Forgive me for deleting your comments in the process.