Saturday, November 29, 2003

Got placed at a company called ZITT TECHNOLOGIES today but I dont think I'll accept. There wouldnt be any point in writing all these MBA entrance exams then.

The group discussion was pretty good fun though. The topic given was " India's performance in Australia" so everyone had lots to say. After the GD , we were each given a topic to speak on immediately, a sort of extempore. My topic was " the moon" and I blabbed something about the effect of the moon on the tides. Deepak's topic was " Banyan tree" and he uttered these immortal words: " Banyan tree is a tree. It is a very good tree. It gives bannanas." He comes out later and complains "Macchan, I had no idea what to say, I'm not a bio student."

Got back home, dozed off, woke up and went to the gym. An immensely muscular chap has joined our gym and helped me with my triceps workout. He kept pushing me and completely fried my tris. I cant even move the mouse now. Arms will probably be pretty sore tommorow. I do wish to look like him though :P.

My next entrance exam is on the 7th and I havent done anything as yet. It sickens me just to look at the huge pile of material on my table. I do have to get started though...maybe tommorow...

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