Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Woke up rather early and hit the books. Spent about 3 hours staring at them before becoming thoroughly bored. I then decided I had to do something about the CAT, so I sat down and made a plan. Then spread all the material I would need on the bed and felt really good about myself. There was so much to read! I pictured myself getting up early every morning and working out problems till it was time for bed. God I would be so studious! I would avoid thinking about that rather nice girl, grow a beard and mustache, forget the cricket matches, forget movies, forget story books and devote myself entirely to the

The trouble with such fantasies is that they remain fantasies. While the thought of me slogging it out appeals to me immensely, actually slogging it out does not....I think I need some help.

Once again avoided filling out the SPJMR form...well, I'll do it tommorow no matter what...

Was paid a visit by my neighbours daugher. She's about 7 and speaks wonderfully fluent tamil. She thought of me as a rather enthusiastic listener and filled me in on how her day was. Also described her teacher as a "Boochandi" and told me I looked just like him. This was followed by peals of laughter. She enjoyed the joke immensely and then asked for a biscuit. I reluctantly handed her the last one from the pack I'd just purchased. This ornament of her sex daintily licked the cream, dropped the biscuit on the floor and once again burst into laughter. I went back to the kitchen to open a new pack but she
disappeared by the time I got back. Perhaps I wasnt so interesting after all.

Also spent the day sniffing Pril dish washing fluid. It smells so lemony, I think I'm addicted. Also rather suprised at the label on Mortein mosquito repellent:
" Mortein: Pleasant lemony fragrance, DO NOT INHALE! "

Had sweet corn at pushpa shoppe along with a few classmates and now paying the price for it. I have about a dozen strands stuck inbetween my teeth. My tounge appears to be bruised.

Will probably doze of now...perhaps I should study....GOD I NEED SOME MOTIVATION!

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