Monday, December 01, 2003

I am only moderately aware of the events happening in the world...not a very good thing considering many entrance exams have a general knowledge section. I really should read the papers and watch the news more often.

My grandfather treasured the newspaper. It had to be read in the morning while sipping hot coffee. After reading the paper, he would spend another 5 minutes carefully folding and creasing it. The paper often looked much better after he'd read it.

As a child, adolescent and rather immature adult, I have always avoided the newspaper, deeming it to be one of those boring things adults read out of force of habit. My own interest in the papers has been limited to reading the sports section and in that, only the cricket section. I care not for politics be it central or regional. We seem to be having elections all the time! I dont see the point in knowing who the external affairs minister is or who the health minister is..whats the point if they keep changing them anyway? Perhaps I have the view of an ignoramus but I am a content ignoramus.

Unfortunately, the chaps who set the papers for entrance exams dont seem to share my view. Infact, they have a seperate section called " General knowledge " which gives me the willies. I dont know where to start reading from :-(. Oh well, I could atleast try to read todays paper...

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