Monday, November 03, 2003

Had to go to the British Council today and decided to take a bus after 11:30. That way I wouldnt be crushed in the bus by the office going crowd. Turns out there are a lot of people out there who think just like me. Spent most of the journey being crushed by the non office going crowd. The bus grew even more crowded at Saidapet, rekindling the hate I had for Saidapet as a child. Every single day on the bus to school, I would be mercilessly squashed by the massive hoards of people that got in there. I hated Saidapet with such intensity, I often considered bombing the place. The journey home from school always filled me with a great love for Saidapet as almost everybody got down there. After 45 minutes of non stop standing, I could heave a sigh of relief and actually get a place to sit.

Almost got a seat in the bus today but generously decided to give it to a middle aged man who made a desperate lunge for it. Was rather taken aback when the man gave me money and asked me to buy him a ticket. Gratitude is rather hard to find these days. I got a seat next to him a few stops later and had a small chat with him. His name was Hamid and he has 2 sons and daughter, all of whom have studied engineering. I find it difficult to listen due to the roar of the engine but I smile and nod a lot anyway. I've discovered I can get away with anything just by smiling and nodding. Word of caution: If I smile and nod while you talk, it means I'm thinking about Carmen Electra.

Got down near the British Council and discovered I'd forgotten to bring the membership card. I could only return the book I had, not take anything new. Also ran into Amrita and the 2 of us went to Spencer Plaza. Spent some time in an exotic coffee shop sipping crushed ice with strawberry flavour. I couldnt finish it, so I asked Amrita to do the honours. Also watched an instructive video on how coffee is prepared. Its put me of coffee forever. The way it was shown, coffee beans were poured down a sewer and ground in a rusty machine. The whole process looked exceedingly unhygenic.

Came outside to catch the bus home. Also caused Amrita to miss not 1 but 2 buses. In case your reading this Ami, I want you to know I felt a small tinge of guilt in the afternoon.

Picked up the application form for MICA , got back home, had a paltry lunch and set off for CAT class. Too tired to write anymore.

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