Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I shouldnt be writing this, really I shouldnt. I should be sitting under a tree somewhere, preaching the advantages and disadvantages of a brushless DC motor. There should be tears in my eyes as I describe the wonders of a variable reluctance stepper motor. I should shriek with joy as I tell you the magnificence that is the switched reluctance motor..........oh crap! I dont even know what those terms mean! My exam is on thursday and yet I seem to be unable to approach my books. My mind refuses to accept formuale, equations and vector diagrams. I shall probably be numb with fear tommorow....so much to do, so little time...why is the last minute so insufficient? There should be some kind of rule " students are permitted to study till the last minute, the time duration of the last minute also being decided by the students. Until then, no exams are to be held".........I'm desperate arent I?

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