Saturday, November 01, 2003

Had a paper on " Personal Computer systems" today and mistakenly wrote " Personal Computing systems " on the subject block. ( Errenous perhaps, but I think it sounds WAY more elegant :P ). Miss.K.Uma who was invigilating looked morosely at my paper and asked me to change it. Uma tends to retain her facial expression for much longer than required. She went about looking morose for almost half an hour. Evidently she cant get her facial muscles to relax.

The paper was cruelly long as have been the others till now. I couldnt flex my wrist and fingers at the end of the alloted 3 hours. My writing efforts however paled as usual in comparison to Bhagya, Shoba and Praveen who seem to have an insatiable appetite for paper. While I struggled to fill the main sheet with information relevant (mostly irrelevant) to the question, they seemed to be writing in some kind of mad frenzy, consuming vast quantities of paper. There's almost an air of desperation when they write. " So much to say, so little time" .

This has often struck me as unfair as we usually study together. Logically speaking, we should all be equipped with the same amount of knowledge. Perhaps they slip in Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace" just to add to the poundage. They seem to get excellent marks anyway.

I for one, am totally against writing boundless answers. I like to think that short crisp answers should suffice. This logical deduction has never helped me obtain good marks in the university exams. The university only rewards those who have a perverted fascination for paper.

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