Sunday, November 23, 2003

Well, the CAT's been cancelled. Yesterday I wasnt sure how I felt about it, I was just too confused. This morning however, I've been able to see the bright side of it. I dont think I did the verbal section too well as I spent too much time in the quants and logical. So now I get another chance.

House was flooded with phone calls once we got the news. I spent most of the afternoon with a phone to each ear.

A few of us from class were supposed to meet last evening to 'celebrate' after the CAT. Then when the exam got cancelled, we didnt have a legitimate reason to celebrate but we met anyway. Had Pizza, corn on the cob and then went about on the merry-go-round. Someone please tell me how old I am.

Got back home and another session of frenzied phone calls. Tried going to sleep but my mind just wouldnt shut up. Too many thoughts going around. Spent the night tossing and turning. Got up rather grumpy.

I have to go to college for some reason now.

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