Saturday, November 15, 2003

There's a rather distressing tendency among women today to completely exclude the male from their conversation.You could be walking between two good friends when suddenly one will pull the other close to her and whisper national secrets into her ear. The male is temporarily forgotten and all he can do is fidget and pray that they'll snap put of it soon.

As an average male, I have become quite used to being totally ignored by the female species. I am not an alpha male, I do not exude pheromones that drive women wild, in fact most women look upon me as their retarded half brother. Tis not an enviable position that I enjoy, however I have learnt to live with it.

Lets take for example today, I was out with a couple of girls I know in order to purchase a gift and I was periodically cast aside whenever one girl decided to share some esoteric information with the other. Just what is it that demands so much secrecy, so much privacy? Why is the male considered unworthy of such precious information? I strained my ears to listen but there was nothing I could decipher. Perhaps their conversation went like this:

Girl 1 grabs Girl 2 and hisses the following into her ear:

Girl 1: "Guess what?? They've discovered an eco-friendly method to ward off black-headed caterpillar in coconuts!!!"

Girl 2 " Gosh! You dont say!!! "

However, it is very unlikely the above conversation took place. The following dialogue is probably more likely:

Girl 1 : " Ugh, just what induced us to invite this guy? Thats the 4th time he's tripped on the staircase "

Girl 2 : " I couldnt agree more! and what awful taste in clothing! I dont want to be seen standing next to him! "

I've been ignored so many times now, I actually have a few years experience beneath my belt. Thats one reason why I dont get so perturbed.

Other than that, had some tasty masala poli to eat with them outside. Came back home and found my mom had made cutlets for dinner. Thats two rounds of mouth watering cholestrol, so overall, not a bad day.

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