Thursday, November 20, 2003

The MICA application form has some rather annoying questions to be answered. The devilish bastards seem to enjoy asking very uncomfortable questions. Let me give you a sample: " State briefly how people who know you would describe you. What would they say about your interests, achievements, special traits, strengths and weaknesses? ". After which I have a grand total of 4 lines to scrawl my answer.

How do I answer the question without sounding like a pompous ass? Also notice how they say " what would THEY say about your achievements? " Now how do I answer that?People who do read this blog, I need some help.

I decided to call up a few people and demand compliments so that I could write them down. Called up Aparna and she very sweetly loaded me with compliments. In 5 minutes I began to feel very good about myself. GOD! I WAS SOMEONE SPECIAL!! The euphoria lasted for the entire conversation. Now that I've put the phone down, I cant think of a single word to write. Still, I am rather glad I called her up.

Well, the CAT''s on sunday but who cares? After its just another exam right? So what if I've been preparing for this day for an entire year? So what if I've spent fabulous amounts on all the application forms? So what if................I'm so scared :-(

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