Saturday, May 22, 2004

Somethings not quite right.I've been rather uneasy for the past few days. I think its because I am so uncertain of my future at the moment and also because someone very dear to me is leaving for higher education. Its a gnawing type of uneasiness which gnaws away from the pit of my stomach.

I wake up each morning not sure what to look forward to. Time lies heavy on my hands and I'm painfully aware of each passing second. Right now I'm sending my resume for every software company that advertises on the paper or online.

Ok, enough of dark uneasy thoughts.

I've made a rough plan on how to prepare for the CAT. Data Interpretation and Logical Ability is something I need to really work hard at. Quants is something I used to be shit scared of but lately I've become more confident. My mind still freezes when it comes to DI though. I really dont know how to manipulate those figures. Needs lots and lots of work.

I went and wrote the Polaris Aptitude test at a school in Kilpauk today. You ought to have seen the number of people there. It reminded very nastily of the sheer competition one faces. When we had to get into the exam hall, it was like trying to board the unreserved compartment on the train to Bombay. I fought my way madly through the crowd and got myself a seat.

There were two tests, a technical test having questions only from electrical and electronics and an aptitude test having the usual quants, logical and verbal questions.
The technical test was pretty basic stuff but I wasnt so sure of how I'd done when I finished it. More than one answer looked very tempting :P. The aptitude test was pretty simple, I think I did it well.

Results will be out only tommorow, so I have to go all the way back to Kilpauk :-(

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