Saturday, May 29, 2004

I've been running around writing one exam after the other for the past few days. Polaris, Polaris interview,Barry Weh Miller, IGATE....

I've got through the PAT, Barry results will be out in 2 weeks ( I have no hopes though, I didnt know anything in the software paper). What really ticks me off is that I didnt clear the IGATE test. It was stupidly easy (Not that I'd have taken it up, theyve asked for Rs 29000 for the training program).

So I'm basically out of the house everyday by 7:30 AM, I come back in the afternoon and have a nice nap.Usually spend the evening with a book.

I've realised that I need to lose some weight. I stumbled across an entry I'd made 2 years ago in a notebook( I took my gym very seriously then). I weighed 60 kilos and had a waist of 30 inches. Now I weigh 66 kilos and have a waist of 32 :-(. Really need to go jogging. Dont want a belly :-(

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