Thursday, May 20, 2004

About the only place where the summer is worse than in Chennai is probably Calcutta. Its beastly hot even at 8 in the evening. Well, perhaps I'm saying that because the max temp in Darjeeling was 18 degrees :P.

I've spent enough time in the east and I long for the comforts of the south. Perhaps not comfort...but the familiarity atleast. I'll be home tommorow night and I look forward to it.

I have to give the PAT, the aptitude test for Polaris on the 22'nd. My dad insisted that I brush up with C and C++ for it. So we went and bought a book on College street here. College street is something like Richie street in Chennai except that they sell books by the ton.Quite exciting for a book freak like me :)

Not sure what I can acomplish in a day though, wonder what the PAT will be like.

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