Monday, May 03, 2004

I have a super duper cold and it feels like I have a few cement sacks strapped to my head. Its THAT heavy.

my cousin Prashant finally got his call letter from the Taj. The good news is that his salary is double of what he expected. The bad news is that he has to join work on the 15'th of may which means that he cant come with us to Darjeeling :-(.

In case I havent told you about my impending trip: I leave for Bangalore on the 6'th, come back here on the 12'th and then fly to Calcutta on the 13'th. From there its Darjeeling for 2 days and I'm back in Chennai on the 21'st. Now that Prashant isint coming, everyone else on the trip is over 50 (My dad, mom, aunt, uncle and grandmother). Dad is a lil sceptical of grandmother coming cos her legs arent in very good shape and she walks really really slowly. He's not sure if she can take the strain of travel. Besides, my uncle and aunt also suffer from various health complications. In case of an emergency, it would be useful to have Prashant around.

K, dont have anything to do today.

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