Sunday, January 04, 2004

I'm stuck inbetween my mom and my grandmother. My grandmother wants to do housework, she wants to contribute something, she wants to spend her time usefully. Hence she tries to clean the table, wash the dishes, fill water in the buckets and lots of other stuff.

My mother however feels that while my grandmother slogs it out, I am busy snoring in a corner. Every morning my mom falls upon me for neglecting housework, which is so not true! I'll be busy filling water in the bathroom when my mom will yell at me for not looking after the service veranda cos my grandmother is lifting heavy buckets of water! So I run to the service veranda and meanwhile the bathroom tank will overflow and there's water all over the place. Once again my mom yells at me for my negligence.

It gets really confusing because I know my grandmother enjoys the work. She feels she can do it a lot better than I do. My mom is firmly convinced that I'm taking the easy way out by letting my grandmother do work and I should be ashamed of myself. I so dont know what to do :-(

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