Monday, January 05, 2004

Had to go to Anna University to see the Vice Chancellor. As we are having an industrial seminar on the 28th, I was supposed to approach him for a message for the magazine. When I met the chaps assistant, he took a look at the brochure, sneered and said " This is for a state level seminar. Mr.Balagurusamy will write messages only for National and International seminars.". So I said " Poda Mairu "(K, I said it to myself) and got back home.

Also met a couple of blind guys on the way. The first chap had a stick to help him while the second held his shoulders. They wanted to visit the childrens park so I helped them get there. Felt rather good about myself after that :P.

I've bought myself a black cap, dont ask me why. I just suddenly decided I needed a cap. Wore it to the gym and thought I looked like a perfect ass. I got used to it in a while though and now I love myself with it.

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