Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I have to stop being the comedian. I've just realised that. We had a group discussion today and my mind teemed with a dozen witty things to say. None of them however really contributed to the discussion. I always like to say things which make everyone laugh, infact its sort of the only thing I do in a conversation. I sort of digress from the main topic because of this. My mind is more interested in twisting the words into something humorous instead of thinking deeply about the topic and coming up with sensible solutions. Must stop cracking jokes all the time.

GD however was rather well conducted. A chap who'd passed out of IIM Calcutta came and conducted it. I was a lil sceptical of his slow measured speech in the beginning, it looked rather put on. He'd walk about slowly, mostly looking at the ground as he spoke, carefully enunciating, articulating and pronouncing his words and I wasnt impressed initially. I soon forgot about it as the chap was really good. He had a good sense of humour and he knew how to hold everyone's attention. Half way through, I wistfully began to wish I was like him :P.

Next GD on thursday and I look forward to it.

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