Friday, December 12, 2003

I just finished " The Covenant " by James Michener and I've decided to get back to R.K Narayan. Dont get me wrong, I think James Michener writes wonderfully well, but this book was heavy with Christianity. He's also gone through great trouble to describe how the African Tribesmen killed each other. I've had just about enough of men impaled on spikes or their genitals ripped off.... its sickened me and I dont think I'll pick up another Michener for a while.

R.K Narayan I like and I got 3 of his books from the library today, just finished reading " The Bachelor of Arts " and just started " The English Teacher ". R.K Narayan seems to be the only author I really identify with. Simple, to the point and at every moment I'm able to relate each one of his characters to someone I know. My thoughts and ideas seem to mimic his perfectly, I really wish I could write just like him.

Well, have another hour before I head for class, I guess I shall pick up " The English Teacher" again.

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