Friday, December 05, 2003

There's nothing nicer on a chilly night to sit by yourself in your room with a nice book and your mother making a regular appearance to fill your plate with hot dosa and sambhar. Now that I've finished reading " Rosy is my relative ", I want to turn back time and start again.

I also visited Richie street for the first time and I found it absolutely bewildering. I've always known it to be a place where one could get electronic goods easily but I had no idea that one could buy computer hard disks from a vendor whose shop consisted of one newspaper laid out on the dusty road on top of which a dozen computer peripherals would be piled. The place is absolutely amazing. Hundreds upon hundreds of shops crowding the street, dealing with nothing but electronics, all incredibly small and all incredibly jam packed. In every shop I saw a man pondering over a circuit as he simultaneously soldered components onto a printed circuit board.

My friends and I were out there in order to purchase components for our project and we saw an advertisement for this place called Ajit Electronics. I found the place, opened the door and found myself not more than 1 foot away from a scowling sardar who sat on a dilapidated chair surrounded on 3 sides by mountains of electronic components, the fourth side being reserved for the customer. The place is so tiny that only 1 person can enter at a time. He shook his head irritably when I asked him if he sold current and potential transformers so I turned around with some difficulty and left the shop.

We werent able to obtain the components we needed so we were pretty fed up at the end of it. Got back home and crashed on the bed. Slept for a couple of hours, got up and read the book. Perhaps I should study now.

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