Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Some chaps from a call centre company called Voiz Serv came to college and basically told us we didnt have a chance of being employed as engineers anyway so why not join a call centre instead? I suppose their argument was compelling but I didnt pay too much attention cos

1) It was freezing cold in the seminar hall with all the air conditioners going at full blast and

2) I really had to pee.

There's something about extreme cold which makes you want to pee, I dont know what. After half an hour I was an agony and hissed angrily each time the chap asked us a question.

Overenthusiastic marketing chap who cracks cliched jokes : " What skills do you have that set you apart ??"

Me : "I can pee...."

Overenthusiastic marketing chap who dosent know the difference between genuine laughter and mocking laughter: " You think knowing ohm's law will get you a job?"

Me: " I gotta pee..."

Overenthusiastic marketing chap who derives sadistic pleasure from not letting people pee : " Business Process outsourcing is the best thing that happened to India"

Me: "Whimper! squeak! I gotta peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!"

I think the brain is directly controlled by the bladder and not vice versa cos after a while I began hearing things:

Overenthusiastic marketing chap who also sells insurance for burst bladders: " Well, you guys have been excellent, its been a great pressure meeting you."

At this point, I couldnt take it, I just raised my hand and wiggled my little finger at the speaker. Without waiting for a reply, I ran out of the seminar hall. Was dismayed by the sight of the newly built fountain shooting water into the air. Shut my eyes and ran to the toilet block ( ground floor and first floor, only toilets). Never had I seen such a beautiful building. Ran straight into it did my thing and lived happily ever after.

Walked back home with Anju and noticed she had a wooden plaque with a prayer on it. Someone had given it to her for christmas. Took the plaque, read the prayer and then whacked her a few times with it. Nothing more pleasant than whacking Anju with " GOD'S PRAYER".

Went to the gym later and then headed for Odyssey. Place was jam packed with kids as there was some show for them. Pushed aside the Santa Claus and gave the security chap my bag. Paused a moment to survey the crowd and shook my head in disgust. The kids, their filthy rich parents, the teenagers with too much makeup, too much attitude and too many cellphones, the annoyingly cheerful Santa Claus who kept trying to shake my hand, they all irritated me. They were a snobbish bunch, all pretending to enjoy the spirit of christmas. Entered the shop and found it even more crowded. Checked out a few items, was appalled by their price and got back home.

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Na.Su.Krishnan said...

I have theis habit of reading the very first post after reading the latest post.

You have started very well buddy! Good to see one more Tamilan in Delhi..