Sunday, September 19, 2004

I no longer have a graceful figure :-( . Heads shall not turn, oomphs and aaahs have died away, I'm longer a babe magnet basically I have a tummy.

I havent been to the gym in 2 months for reasons known to all.

I tried some cardio yesterday morning. Lots of cycling, lots of running. All gone to pot because I stuffed myself at dinner when a friend leaving for the UK decided to treat us.

Well, back to the gym tommorow. Have to go from 1 sack to 6 pack :P


The Insane Genius said...

stuffed aint where it was a lot more than stuffed... :P

mysterious_malady said...


You dont know who I am. But I know of you simply because Dr Devarajan (VD as we liked to call him) was my prof in Pondicherry University. I graduated from the MSc integrated program with a Master's degree in Math. I think one of the biggest things I'll ever remember about your dad is (cant really say was) his love for books. I know how attached he was (aargh) to his books. I think I may have picked up a small part of my obsession for books from him. I am now pursuing a PhD in Statistics @ NCSU and your dad did give me recommendation letters. So I think VD definitely had a role to play in where I am right now.

I cant say that I understand what you are going through right now. I am not sure if "I'm sorry" from a stranger even really means anything. You will understand more if/when you do visit

One other thing, I would like it if you removed this comment from your (blog once you are done reading it. Thanks !