Sunday, March 16, 2008

When I first read Arbits farewell to MICA post, I gulped. I gulped because I knew that’s exactly how I’d feel when I left IMT. I have exactly 24 hours left before I receive my degree after which I will be politely asked to leave because the batch of 2006-2008 no longer belongs here. Sure they’ll give us some time to linger around but we all know that in a couple of days the last bags would have been packed. In 24 hours, I shall no longer be a carefree student but an alumnus of the institute. I’m offended at the thought of being an alumnus. It makes me feel old. I don’t want to belong to the past, to be called only for alumni meets, guest lectures and the placement season.

I wish I had something more to say but I think Arbit has said exactly what was on my mind. My own farewell can come only when I’ve truly realized that IMT is over. At the moment the idea hasn’t sunk in one bit. I fully expect to be attending classes and hanging out with friends two days from now, instead of sitting on a plane that will take me away.


The Inquisitive Akka said...

I felt exactly the same way when I left, and you know how long it took me to reach that stage:) I thought I would miss IISc,my friends, my life there like crazy but I didn't really. Not as much as I thought I would anyway. Maybe too much has happened to us over the past 4 years and that just put things in perspective. Life happens, shite happens:)You will always have your friends even if you don't see each other everyday. And you are coming home to the best sister in the universe so you'd better get on that plane with me :)

Serendipity said...

"Fly away little bird
Find the song in you that no one's heard
Strenghthen your wings as you sing your solo flight"

:P .Why u be cribbing? Go go , go become a CTO or something and earn well to support me your self appointed frail aunt.


nivedita said...

Cant believe its been one year since I wrote my Farewell post.

Jaya S said...

Congratulations :). A new degree sure must feel good. I guess missing the past can't be helped...I still can't get over school, which was much more fun than college ever was!

Revathi said...

Sigh!!! its been an year since i wrote my farewell to college post. i know exactly how u feel. i wont say you will get over it because i still havent. i just have to see the name of my college somewhere or meet someone associated with my college for nostalgia to set in again!! :). this poem i think would explain what u feel now and what i felt an year back!! :)

So many battles won on this soil
So many defeats embraced
So many desires fulfilled here
So many painful heartbreaks

So many friends I won here
I won a few foes too
So may blessings I did earn
Hope the curses were but few

From a teenager I became a man
Nowhere else but here
Saw life’s pleasures, felt its pains
Suffered losses and enjoyed gains

Now its time to say good-bye
To this place to its bliss
Tears of love roll down each cheek
As I plant the farewell kiss

Adieu sweet times, Adieu sweet place


just in case u think i have written it let me hasten to clear ur mis conceptions. i dunno who the poet is!! :)

A said...

I've always bawled my head off at farewells at every juncture, thinking, "This was the best time ever and it is Over!!", "I love this place soooo!!" etc, etc.

But I've realised over the years that the next stages in life haven't ever really disappointed me either..

So here's to new beginnings and good things to come!