Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Its my father's Birthday today. He would have been 61.

We celebrated his 60'th birthday last year with a traditional ceremony called the "Sashtabyaburthi". Staunch traditionists are requested to forgive the spelling.

I had just finished college and the family had gone on a trip to Bangalore, Calcutta and Darjeeling. We came back and I gave the aptitude tests for company P and company Barry. I'd cleared both of them and was in a rather exultant mood on that particular day.

I wore a rather nice light blue checked shirt with a veshti . Not to mention, the traditional Iyengar "Sri Charanam", a vertical red line on the centre of the forehead. I revelled in my cultured brahmin look :-).

Every relative we had attended the function, either to bless or be blessed.
A small hall, packed with people and smoke from the traditional fire. I squeezed my way around, trying to play a gracious host. I must admit my cousin Prashant played a better host than I did.

My entire circle of friends attended. The only topic of discussion then was which companies were hiring, how the aptitude tests were and how the interviews were.My very orthodox friend Bharat took some out from the discussion to scowl at my forehead and comment " A Sri Charanam alone does not make you an Iyengar!"

"Poda Naye" I grinned back and stole a glance at the most beautiful girl in the hall. She looked stunning in her black Mangalagiri salwar.She smiled back and my heart leapt and burst with pride.

I couldnt sit down and talk to her though, my friends wouldnt stop pulling my leg each time I came close to her.

Life seemed perfect at that moment. I wish I could freeze it and live it everyday. We were so incredibly happy as a family then and I thought it would last forever.

Now I only have memories to relive. So much has changed in the last year. I've been buffetted by the winds of time and change.

Still, life goes on. I have a job in hand and a chance to have a great career. My sense of humour seems reasonably intact. I just have to be thankful for what I have now and move on.

Happy Birthday Appa.


Marc said...

Happy B'day to ur dad from me too...I am sure he is proud of you and is always looking after u.

Raja said...

I remember feeling the same thing when my father passed away, I couldnt imagine that one minute life could be so picture perfect and another minute it could be as easily wiped out as a slate.

I was too young to even express how much I love adore and respect him, but I definitely hope he can hear me everytime I say or feel that now.

From your posts, its very obvious how attached you are to your family and vice versa.
Hold on to that...& it will guide you on the right path forever.

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

I am sure wherever he is, your dad is very happy and proud of you.

anand said...

I remember that day, was just back from the US after 3 yrs cursing myself for having comeback. i still cannot believe that he is no more, but that's the truth that every one of us have to live with.

i am sure your dad would be proud of what u r today and wish he grilled me on money management.