Friday, November 19, 2004

Nothing smells more hideous at the end of the day than my feet. I get back home from work, remove my shoes and peel of my socks...lo and behold! USA has another reason for passing sanctions against us...the potent power of my smelly feet.

The moment I enter the house, I run to the bathroom and wash my feet with dettol soap...but its of practically no use, the smell just lingers around the house. I wake up in the morning to the smell of yesterdays smelly feet.

I dont remember facing this problem in college..does it have something to do with the air conditioning in the office? Solutions are welcome.

I havent blogged in a while..guess I've just been too lazy too :P.

I attended another bloggers meet at Besant Nagar beach on Sunday, Nov 14'th. About 11 of us turned up...all male, so fellow blogger Karthik Kannan was highly dissapointed. I enjoyed this bloggers meet a lot more than the previous one. It was a lot more casual.

There's a lot of stuff I havent written about. I blew my first and second salaries on rimless glasses and a very exclusive gym membership respectively. My bank balance is looking distinctly starved now, cant wait for this months sal.

C wont call me until December, so I'm stuck in P till then.Oh well, another month of ctrl C, ctrl V...

One more thing...who are you KS?


Chakra Sampath said...

Feet smelling happens to many. I had that problem too years ago.. simple solution is don't use the same pair of socks for more than 12 hrs.. ie., use a freshly, washed one each day.

Anonymous said...

KS is Kroopa, you nut :-P

mysterious_malady said...

I like Chakra's suggestion about using a new pair every day !

Marc said...

Greetings fellow blogger!I was referred to ur blog by my old school mate:Tushar. I guess he's ur college mate.I must say ur blog is very very impressive n interesting to read.Wonder y Tush never talked abt u b4...when I was in India.Anyways...Keep going!

The Insane Genius said...

machan try wearing shoes for close to 24 hours continuously...and u'll know what stink is...
just did that yesterday in met bharat...but more on that in the group mail.
btw his blog is
the latest post is quite good :P