Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Day 1 of work. Didnt do much really. We filled out form after form after form. I think we filled forms for 3 hours straight. There are about 25 of us and I got to know most of them.
I kinda liked my first day in P, the HR people made us feel very comfortable. The food in the canteen was pretty good too. Actually I didnt know if it was good or not, I was starving by the time we broke for lunch so I piled everything that was available on my plate and bulldozed my way through it , not caring for the taste. You could have put a live chicken on plate and I would have eaten it without batting an eyelid.

The offices are pretty good. On the downside, once you get inside you lose track of time. Rain or shine, hot or cold, you have absolutely no idea whats going on outside.

We asked the HR people what we were going to do over the next few weeks. The lady smiled and said " Relax, we arent going to ask you write code from today. Just use the time now to settle down, know the company and bond with your team mates."

So all I did today was bond with my team mates. There are about 5 of us who have got calls from C, so we were wondering what to do. I felt so bad when I was filling out all those forms, especially the one for my HDFC bank account. Was I going to leave the company after I got an id card, an access card, a bank account, my own PC, an email address with the company, my own coffee mug......?

The thing is, I have to sign a service agreement with P by the 30'th and C isint going to tell me when my interview is until the 30'th......it kinda looks like I might stay with P.

K, now excuse me, I have to go to my OFFICE.


Chakra Sampath said...

Good account of Day 1 @ work.
Great going buddy.. enjoy your time!!

I joined Ramco about 8.5 years ago and we used the next 4 years for relaxing, settling down and bond with the rest of the staff. ;)

- Chakra.

Anonymous said...

Hey Man

Don't worry about CTS too much man. Polaris gave you much needed break stick with it, think about another company after an year.Even in CTS you will be on Bench for at least six months and then u have to work on same old crap Mainframes , so I don't see any point.

Be happy where ever you are.