Tuesday, July 20, 2004

My interview...well I wont say I stared blankly at the interviewer, nor will I say I
knew the answer to everything. Trouble was that it was a purely technical
interview, no frills at all, nothing I could answer breezily and show him how
confident I was. No questions like " Tell me about yourself, family, goals..blah
blah" or " Why should we hire you? ". No sir, all questions dealt with C and C++.
Not even the fundemental concepts but more fuzzy ones like pointers and linked
lists. I could answer his questions for each concept initially but as he went deeper
into the topic, I found myself floundering until he went on to the next topic. If I
didnt know it, I said so .

My friends who attended the interview last week said the whole thing had been
quite an informal affair, not very techie. Mine was totally the opposite.

Then the interviewer carefully scanned my marksheet and said " You seem to be
answering well but how you come you dont have such great marks in C? ". Tough one to answer eh? So I said I didnt believe that my marks really reflected
my abilities. He nodded his head and said " Maybe so, but you cant use it as an
excuse." I grinned and said I totally agreed with him but insisted I was telling the
truth when it came to that particular paper. I didnt know what else to say.

So I'm not really sure how I've done. I knew something but nothing hardcore. I
was a lil dissapointed however my friends cheered me up saying that I was after
all an electrical engineering student and that Polaris wouldnt expect me to know C
and C++ inside out. I dont know if I can take comfort in that...

Its not in my hands anymore, if I get it, then well and good. If not, there's always
the CAT.


Anonymous said...

heyy DDspace...whats happenin ?:) still on the hunt for that elusive job I see...

dropa line on me..wolverine_911@rediffmail.com.. might be able to help ya out perhaps..

AJ [synergy of paradox]

Chakra Sampath said...

First time here... a good blog indeed!

Hats off to your +ve spirit. Gud to your job search!

- Chakra

RamV said...

Hey Dinesh ...

tell me if i got this wrong, but a link to your blog from a Pondicherry guy, and your surname rang quite a few bells.

Was wondering if you & me were in the same school once ? and if your mom taught at the same place. Do drop by my blog & leave a message if im right. Forget the whole thing if im wrong.

All the best for your job search.

RamV said...

guessed i should have identified myself ;)


Dinesh said...

Ramprasad, yes I'm a PSBBian and my mom does teach biology there. Which batch?