Thursday, March 25, 2004

Well, the LIBA interview is tommorow and the butterflies in my stomach have officially crossed the 1000 Km/second speed limit. Any second now my tummy is going to launch itself into outerspace. YEAH I'M NERVOUS!!!!!

I was pretty confident till yesterday when I had mock interview which went terribly. The interviewer asked me a dozen question from software engineering, a paper I had in the 4'th semester (which was last century according me). Its ok when you cant answer a couple of questions but after a dozen consecutive
" I dont know sir, I dont know sir, hehe sir ", your feeling of self worth sort of comes down.

Anyway, I realise I'm not going to help myself by being negative. Have to think positive, have to feel positive, gotta be confident, have to believe in myself and lots of other positive stuff. Wish me the best of luck :-)

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