Sunday, March 28, 2004

A fairly eventful weekend. First about my GD and was nothing like I expected! I was sure that I was gonna get some really obscure topic for the GD and I was doubly sure that I would be asked questions on engineering in the interview and hence be screwed. Was plesantly suprised when the GD topic announced was " India is shining only for 10% of India ". Considering I'd gone so far as to mug up the budget, I found it fairly easy to come up with points. Compared to the GD's I've had at TIME class, this one was incredibly civilised. If you persisted, everyone else would shut up. TIME GD's were terrible, no one would give a damn about what you said, it was bloody competitive.

The interview was an anti climax too. There were 3 seperate interviews and I was asked the same questions in all 3 of them. They seemed to be more interested in my family than in me. No tough questions ,they were all qute straightforward.

Aparna and I came out of LIBA wondering if the GD and interview was done with serious intent or done just for the sake of doing it. Perhaps the candidates had already been selected and the GD and interview had just been a formality. It was nothing like TIME. Personally, I think I did the GD and PI well but I'm quite sceptical about my chances. Besides, LIBA has 50% reservation for christians! That means only 30 seats for other candidates. So 300 candidates for 30 seats...I have a 1 in 10 chance of making it.

Saturday and Sunday was spent in finishing the project report. Its finally over thank God! Now the only thing left is for our project to actually work :P