Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The last entry I wrote was almost three years ago. I do not have a clear list of reasons of why I stopped. Somewhere along the line, I stopped feeling the need to document my life. I suppose a lot of people dropped blogging in favor of social networking sites (faster response, known audience, immediate gratification) but I went the other way. I also quit Facebook and Orkut. I have only one entry on twitter and the social networking site I check most frequently (ie once a month) is Linkedin.

It would be fashionable to say that I sacrificed my online avatar in favor of  genuine meaningful relationships in the real world. That would also be an outright lie. All I can say is that my world has become narrower (work, immediate loved ones, lots of books,  occasional travel) and I am comfortable keeping it that way. I do not know if that makes me a dinosaur or a prophet (or a nobody).

Of course Facebook beckons from time to time. Sometimes when my wife is checking her Facebook account (she is content to check Facebook once a week), I will sit next to her and hungrily devour updates from people I do and do not know. I will make her click videos, read inane quotes and pass unflattering remarks on personal photos. When she sharply reminds me to stop being a hypocrite and get my own Facebook account, I am tempted...but then I go no further.

A part of me remains firmly convinced that the more opportunities we have to express ourselves, the more noise we generate. A human being can have only so many meaningful things to say in his or her life time. We are not interesting beyond a point. We have no right to demand an audience. We have no obligation to be part of an audience.


Lakshmi Reguna said...

Please continue blogging. You have a wonderful style of writing. Your blogs bring to life the little things that happen in typical South Indian homes. In fact your writing style reminisces me of R.K.Narayanan.

The Insane Genius said...

Poda Mokka Naayae.

Dharini Chandrashekhar said...

Yes, please come back to blogging. 2-3 years ago, your blog was an integral part of my life. Would be fantastic to have you back and make some noise :)

Anonymous said...

absoultely right, facebook or twitter kinda makes you adopt a false identity, it basically tells you as to what should you be doing so as to make people like you. But deep down below, we all know that it helps us be someone who we are not. As time progresses, we should be happy if we can deal with our problems , someone's noise can also bring down you signal to noise ratio

VHS said...

Hey DD, how have you been?

Guess what, folks trying to search my name in Google are directed to my blog through the link in your blog. Given that I was trying to maintain my anonymity in my blog, can you sacrifice just the 'VH' from the link? :)

You know how active I have been with my blogs :P

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