Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It looks like the next update could take a while. A certain lethargy has crept in. I’ve been in no mood to write for the last few weeks. Besides, these are difficult times for my family.

I’m in Noida now, determinedly pushing for a transfer to Bangalore. Until that transfer I am going to remain in a state of suspended animation. After an extremely hectic initial couple of months, I’ve been drifting around with nothing much to do.

Sitting idle in the office is fun for a while but then it starts getting on your nerves. What am I doing? Where is my life heading? How much money can I hope to make in five years time? Am I adding value to my resume? How secure is my future in the IT industry? How secure is the IT industry? Did I make the right choices? These are questions that haunt my idle mind.

I’m waiting for something to give.

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Anonymous said...

hope and pray that all goes well for u and ur family. GOOD LUCK.