Saturday, November 17, 2007

Random Thoughts on a chilly winter evening:

1) Leaky nose, rasping cough, head filled with lead and a stomach that is gloriously upset, I want to go home.

2) The room smells so much better after I washed 16 toxic pairs of socks in one go. I managed to survive so far because of a partially blocked nose. My roomie spent the last week in the neighboring room.

3) The dog keeps following me around. She sits quietly under my bed not revealing her presence. I don’t even know she’s there most of the time. She follows me all around campus. She even dutifully accompanies me to the bathroom. Other residents in the corridor are not impressed. I have decided to call her Silk Smitha.

4) How can I possibly convince companies that I am dynamic, intelligent, eager to learn and anxious to undertake extra responsibility? Will the MBA tag make up for my utter lack of initiative?

5) Winter is a lousy time to be single. The campus is lovely and everyone looks nice in sweaters and jackets. It would be heavenly to snuggle up to a warm and loving woman under the blanket. Instead all I have is a dog under the bed and an insomniac for a room mate. I hate all couples.


Revathi said...

This has to be one of ur most morbid posts in a very very long time!!
hmmmm. looks like i ll have to pep up my hunt for the perfect iyengar gal!! :P
Jus kidding!! ;)
This too shall pass!! :)

Srishti said...


aparna said...

Hi..been following your blog for past few days..Its very nice..As for this post---hahaha..SILK SMITHA huh??