Friday, October 19, 2007

Ali and I ended up as the runners up at the BT Acumen North Zone Debate competition. We were among the 4 teams that made it out of 32 to the finals. We didn’t win the final but both of us are reasonably pleased with the way things turned out. This was my first time at a really high profile event. It’s a pity that Ali and I found out that we were a pretty good debating team so late in the year. If only we had realized this a little earlier, we could have won a lot more competitions. Anyway at the end of the day I cant say I have any complaints. Here are some pictures from the event.( The pics are a little heavy, so be patient with your internet connection)

Harsha Bhogle, the host. The man is a gem. Great stage presence, fantastic sense of humor and best of all, completely down to earth with absolutely no airs about himself.

Thats my head there. It was unnerving to see myself magnified a few dozen times. I did my best to avoid looking at the large screen.I can only hope I did not have a dandruff problem at that time.

Thats Ali, certainly the more refined debater :-)

Team IMT

The prize distribution ceremony, with retail head of the Aditya Birla group and the Chief editor of Business Today.


Sharad said...

Is that ali ashghar ?? i went to school with him ages ago, he was my senior..small world..

Srishti said...


revathi said...

for ur sake i am glad it was a debate in english and not hindi, otherwise you might have again thought about making a statement like "buddhe train mein nahi chad sakte"!!Rofl.. :D
just kidding!!;)
by the way what was the topic of debate??

Srinath S said...

congrats:)way to go

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Go DD!!

A said...

well, well:) many congrats!

Hip Grandma said...

Good to see a face to your name.Please thank IQA for referring me to you.I feel touched when younsters find me worthy.Well IQAisn't into much of blogging these days and I can understand.Thanks for your observation at my blog.welcome to more inputs.BTW regarding your debating skills this is only the beginning.Hope to see more of you in future.Best of luck.