Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My first year at IMT has drawn to an end. I shall now make my way to Bangalore for a two month long summer internship. I will be doing the same at a rather famous candy company and as part of my project I shall be studying the gloriously exciting market of mouth freshners.

Yes, I am aware that a lot of you are amused and I dont blame you. I spent 2 years writing code for an american investment bank and now all of a sudden I'm going to be running around asking complete strangers questions like "So what do you REALLY look for in your mouth freshner?"

Still, I do look forward to the experience. It will be rather different from the rather quiet career I had before.Besides, I'd like to know what hardcore FMCG sales is like before I make my final career choice.

I hope to catch up on my writing in the mean time. I'm guessing that my lifestyle will be a little more regular than the highly unpredictable life I led at IMT.

Until later then.

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