Monday, November 13, 2006

Dirty Dancin@IMT

We all suck at dancing...but hey its fun!

P.S: Turn up the volume


Srinath S said... dirty ..did u mean the specks of dust on ur clothes?

looks lik fun anyway dirrrty or n not!!!

p.s:sme of u really need some dance lessons lol

Siddhu said...

Dude, I just made a fool of myself dancing to the very same song.

Consoled, of course, by the fact that I was not alone in making a fool of myself while trying to get my hipbone out of joint.

Siddhu said...

By just, I mean yesterday. I don't dance standing in front of a computer screen.

not yet, anyway. :p

Anonymous said...

Where are you in there???

pravin said...

haha, that was cool!