Saturday, July 23, 2005

I have been wrenched away from my cubicle and allotted a new one.I'm shattered.

When I first joined my project after training, I didnt have a comp assigned to me.I led a rather nomadic existence, moving from computer to computer as demanded of me. Naturally this was a bit of a pain because just I settled down and started to do something productive I'd be asked to move.

I had always had my eye on a particular cubicle. It was unoccupied but the computer was not on the network, making it impossible to use. I had repeatedly asked my project leader for that particular spot but she would give me the same reason each time. Then one day as I sat cramped between two people with a comp that acted as a server for the neighbouring project(painfully, painfully slow!) and the keyboard on my lap, my PL tapped on the shoulder, smiled and said "Its ready and its all yours!"

The next couple of months were sheer bliss.Only those who have experienced the torture of running Websphere Application Developer on a 256 MB RAM machine will know the happiness that comes from migrating to a 512. The cubicle was by itself perfect. Unlike the other one's where four people each got corner, I got a small cubicle all to myself. True it was the size of a cardboard box, but as a former nomad without a machine, I considered myself extremely lucky. I settled down between those 3 walls and spent many a happy afternoon dozing after lunch. I even had a blue dustbin all to myself. I felt truly at home.

But in the software industry, everything is ephemeral. Just as you settle down, things turn upside down and everything changes drastically. This holds true of both the customers requirements and the cubicle you use. One morning as I was just making myself comfortable after breakfast, I was curtly asked by my project manager to move 3 rows down as another team was moving in. I wasnt given a chance to argue. I had to pack up and leave. The only good news was that my machine would be moving with me.

My new location is not as good as the old one. I have only two walls instead of three. I share the cubicle with 3 others and there's a large pillar to my right. The teams on either side are a noisy enthusiastic bunch and make my afternoon nap a sheer impossibility. I think its going to take a while to settle down.


Siddhu said...

Lol! Cubicles! God's gift to the downtrodden techie! :-P

Hope you settle down soon.

Deepa said...


Anonymous said...

All Things Must Pass , my friend

- George

Kiwilakhs said...

Hi Dinesh,

First time here. I can totally sympathise with you, having led an equally nomadic life in my previous job.....not any more though.

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

First, welcome back to the unavoidable world of blogging :-)
I know what you feel like. Its a pain to not have a desk and a bigger pain to have a freaking slow machine!!

Swathi said...

have bin there n done that, my sympathies r with u.

njoy ur new place - all it needs is time n then u wud b used to it