Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dear Miss Anonymous, I do believe we've got off on the wrong foot :-).

You have taken the pains to point out my callous behaviour by posting comments for each and every paragraph. No one's ever done that before :-).

I read your comment last afternoon in the office, just after I'd finished lunch. I'd just come back from the canteen and was settling into my seat, readying myself for one of those open eyed naps (The kind where everybody thinks you are working, but all you are doing is staring intelligently at the screen saver) when your comment jumped out of the screen and buried itself into my eyeballs.

Was a bit of a nasty shock I must say. No one's accused me of being a non-objective,immature,narrow-minded, ill-tempered and self-centered person who tries to impress people at a different level.

So what can I say?

Perhaps it would be better if I were to convey what I meant in that particular post.

So here goes : When someone half your age tries telling you right from wrong, it will get your goat no matter how right he or she is. Being correct does not give you the authority to tell people what to do in their own homes.(Wife beating and related stuff excluded ofcourse). Cant you see how I was highlighting my own dilema initially? To know someone is right, but still getting bugged with being told what to do. Thats exactly what I wanted to write about. It was the human aspect of it I wanted people to consider, not who was right and who was wrong.

Another thing that distresses me is the fact that you gave an abridged, made easy version of each and every paragraph. A lot of what I've written is obvious. It certainly does not need to be taken apart and have some deep inner meaning(mostly incorrect) culled from it. Please dont try reading between the lines when the lines themselves are pretty obvious.

So let me summarize. I dont intend to preach morals from this blog. I attempt to showcase my own human failings in a humorous manner. If it amuses readers, then well and good. If not, there's nothing I can do about it.

If the contents of the post had instead read " A girl of 14 came home and asked me not to waste electricity and switch off the lights and fan. I did so immediately because wasting electricity is a sin and I'm glad someone much younger to me had much more common sense than I did. I dont harbour any ill feelings towards her because I'm a mature adult who knows when he's made a mistake and is willing to admit it."

Not only is the above post incredibly boring, its an outrageous lie! I wrote about how I felt about the whole issue. Not only that, I was honest about it.

Please dont undermine Kroopa's intelligence either. She is a deeply honest person and she certainly isn't biased towards me. If I were to write something that she didnt agree with, she wouldn't have any qualms about ripping me to pieces :-).

I hope I've made myself clear.


Anonymous said...

I sincerely apologize. I have a lot to say, but this is an odd way of communicating for me. I'll rest my case. I am really sorry for being rather rude. I wish you well.

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Now that everything is well, Ms Anonymous should introduce herself :-P
Ok, I am just kidding :-D (But you could if you wanted to!!!)

Anonymous said...

DD, could Anonymous be the 'precocious' girl in question? Are you sure you made no mention of your blog to her? ;-P


Anonymous said...


I said too much to reveal myself now. Although it wouldn't make any difference because none of you know me.


I'm definitely not THE GIRL (not sure if she's "precocious" or not) who asked Dinesh to switch off lights.

~Ms. Anonymous

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Well, I dont think anyone has any hard feelings towards you, Ms Anonymous. I certainly don't. But its upto you :-)

dreamseller said...

hey dinesh!

interesting series of events, hmm...

was just wondering what you were up to so i thought i'd check out your blog. i actually agree with you, it's damn annoying when people behave all 'know-it-all'-y. blech... totally get how you feel.

anyway, just wanted to drop a line, say hello... you know. hope things are looking good otherwise. take care.