Saturday, February 12, 2005

I've made up my mind. I have to become a Java Certified Professional by June 10th, ,my 22'nd birthday.

Its always bugged me a little that I havent had any intellectual accomplishments in my life. I was a pretty ordinary student in school and college. I've won prizes for debates, plays and my writing...but never for the more brainy stuff.

When I did my final year project in college, I played more of a supporting role. I took care of the documentation, preparation of slides for the presentation and stuff...the same in school..and it really annoys me now.

So I have my eyes set on the certification now. I really need something to tell me I can do more with my head than just write.


Shyam said...

You write with your head? :) Seriously, I think anybody can swot and be "intellectual". It takes intelligence, imagination and talent to write successfully. Just my two bits.

PS. I enjoy your writing very much & have given your blog a link in mine.

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Not everyone can write though.
I agree with Shyam, Dinesh.
You are the best :-)

Siddhu said...

Hey Dinesh, how could you even assume that writing and debating are non-intellectual pursuits. I, for one, can think of a thousand people who are (or could be if they worked even half-heartedly) Java/RedHat/Karunanidhi certified Software Engineer.

But I know probably three people who can write like you do - take into consideration the fact that my mom's a journo and I meet people who claim to write (and do so for so-called prestigious journals!) every other day. Not that my judgement's worth much, but this post shocks and astounds me! Dude, snap out of it! Don't turn into one of the millions of mindless software engineers in pursuit of coding excellence (read: mediocricity propped up by inane certifications! Though I'm in great danger of turning into one at Company P soon!! :-( )

Conclusion: People who have the ability to write, and write well at that, become engineers and slowly fall into a rut, leaving writing, debating and the rest unmanned! PLEASE PLEASE don't demean writing, and keep doing so!! Its a hundred times more intellectual than any cert!