Wednesday, January 05, 2005

2 major updates in my life:

1) I've quit my job in company P...and not in the most straightforward manner. I told my PM I wanted to leave as soon as possible.Told the HR I wanted to leave...and then I just left. I dont plan on going back to my office.... I feel terrible about the way I've gone about it but I just didnt have a choice. If not for the bond, I wouldnt have had to slink out..I could have left with my head held high.

2) My cousin Prashant who lived with us for 4 years left for his home in Calcutta. His mother wanted him back. Now its just my mom and I.


Anand said...

I quit my first job like that. Didn't want to go one morning, and did not turn up. Just made a phonecall. You'll get used to it... Two years from now, you'll be laughing about it... whith your former boss. I did!

kay said...

I've quit 3 jobs like a span of 3 years. (sigh! I know)
And i have a horrid feeling am gonna repeat it for a few more in the future.