Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I'm feeling slightly directionless at the moment. I dont know when C will give me the joining date and there's no real work for me as yet at P. I seem to have a lot of free time on my hands. I really dont know what to do with myself.

The bodybuilder said that he'd written a poem on me and how the 4 of us had bonded so well in the last 2 weeks. However he'd forgotten to bring it and he didnt remember the lines.Nevertheless, he assured me it was a fantastic poem. I believed him.

My project mates are pretty eccentric but they are really nice guys at heart. I'm going to miss them.


Chakra Sampath said...

Nice to know that things are going well for u... Congrats on getting a CTS offer... As others have said in the prev post, think twice before u post.. the least you could do is not to make explicit references about the companies.

Wishing u the very best!

- Chakra.

Kartik Kannan said...

hi dinesh, congrats on ur CTS selection. please do add my name on ur links section as i want 2 increase the no of hits to my site.i've just added urs .


boomingvoiceofgod said...

Hey Dinesh! Congrats on CTS! and ensoy the vettiness :)