Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Spent the evening carefully packing all the CAT material into a box.It took me about an hour to organise the stuff , pack it in plastic bags and place it in a box. All kinds of feelings washed over me, nostalgia, regret, relief..quite a mixed bag. I plan to let it lie in the box for a couple months and perhaps take it down again after that. I'm not really happy with the way the CAT turned out. It also seems grossly unfair that I'd spend over 1 year preparing for something that got over in merely 2 hours. I havent unwound yet I guess.

I'm yet to get my gift cheque for winning the blog contest from Sulekha.com. The editor spent a week cribbing about the work involved in procuring a cheque..and now she's on leave. I just hope I get my hands on it soon.

We might be going on tour to Coorg on the 25'th, hope it works out.

I'm online now, waiting for a certain special somebody to come online too...

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